Food Creates Silence

Have you ever stood in any natural habitat, with nobody else around, and just listened? The sheer silence of it all creates a beauty that no one can describe. This blog, will explore just how food can create that same beauty with silence. What foods have you taken a bite of and seemed to be lost in another world?

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My name is Kevin Lane and I am currently a senior at Saint Mary’s College of California. As a food fanatic, I created this blog to share how food can create silence and how that is something good. Most people like to connect food and socializing with loud music, laughter, and conversation. But at times, we all need that moment to recharge. Food can help with that. I believe that this is also accurate description of who I am as well. I love my friends and who I have become close with, but at times even I like to just sit in silence. And hey, maybe there is a snack or delicious meal in front while I do so.

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